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Fluorite | Level 6

Hello everyone.  Thank you for your help.  I am using SAS Visual Analytics 7.3.  I am using two control objects to filter a list table.  For example, LIST_1 filters LIST_2 which then filters LIST_TABLE_1.  I accomplished this through the Interactions View and it works as expected.  However, I would like to add an advanced filter to LIST1 and have that advanced filter passed down through the interactions.  I do not want to create a control object for users to control this filter.  Unfortunately, it appears that I am required to add the advanced filter to each control object and/or table.  I know that I can add a "Data Source Filter" but this type of filter is applied to every section of the report.  I would like to be able to create one advanced filter that would either filter everything in a section or a filter that could be applied to the "parent" and all "children" in the interactions.  Is this possible?  Thanks again for your help!


SAS Visual Analytics 7.3 supports both section-level filters and report-level filters. Althouguh, only certain controls can be used in these areas.


See "Use a Control to Create a Section Prompt" in the SAS Visual Analytics User's Guide:



"Use a Control to Create a Report Prompt" at

Fluorite | Level 6

Thanks for your reply Madelyn.  It looks like the section and report prompts would require input from the report user, which is not what I would like to do.  I would like to either have an advanced filter that would filter all objects in the report section or be able to apply one filter to an object at the top of an interaction chain and have that filter "trickle down" to all child objects, without user input.  I'm just hoping to create reports that are easier to create and maintain.  If I have several control objects and need to have an advanced filter for each one, it increases the chance for error, is harder to create, and harder to maintain if a change needs to be made to the filter.  This would be a great feature to add to future releases.  Thanks again for your help.

Opal | Level 21

I'm pretty sure what you say is correct. That an object filter (basic or advanced) only applies to the object it is defined in. You cannot reuse that filter in another object. I agree it would be great to have a section filter or global filter that you could define once and then reuse where you like.


You can have section prompts that work like filters but the flexibility of these is limited.

Fluorite | Level 6

Thank you for verifying this, SASKiwi.  I agree that this would be a helpful feature to add to future releases.



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