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We built a SAS Visual Analytics 7.1 report  and we  need to be accessed by several users,
In order  to  not affecting  the performance of our SAS Visual Analytics platform , I want to know which is the

best way to make this report available.

If I embed it in an iframe, the users must login in VA (we don´t want to register them)

If I embed it in an iframe, with a guest user, then anybody can access this report.

If I  distribute it , only the registered users receive ti. by mail.
A stored process? but the code of the report???


I'd appreciate any idea how to!!!


Thanks in advance!!!!




SAS Employee

Hi Silvia,


If you want to share your report to a selective number of people, you necessarily must know who they are (authentication, login) and what level of access permission they have (authorization), therefore they must be registered.


If your concern is to manage accounts, but you are ok with managing metadata identities, you could assign a single shared account to a metadata group and make all of your identities internal and members of this group. If you do that, all users would be logging in using a shared account.


If your environment is configured for Web authentication, you could take advantage of single sign-on and users wouldn't need to log in, but you would still need to know who they are to grant or deny access to the report, and this means they need to be registered in the metadata.




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