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Quartz | Level 8


A user selects by some drop down value A or value B - where the drop down is a parameter. A or B are column names in the data. I have a visual , for example a line chart, such that the horizontal axis will change between A or B based on the user selection. is this possible? if so, if column A or B are dates. I know parameters currently don't support date values; I would like to pass column name value , a character named A, such that in the line chart's category-role-assignment of A, is a date format.

My goal is: I have 3 types of x-axis values and would like to have only one trend visual where the user selects the type of x-axis. Similar to the designer view where I can right click on the x-axis and replace the column - except I need a similar functionality on the report.

Thanks for any help.

Obsidian | Level 7


I have a couple of clarifying questions:

1.  When you state your goal is to be able to replace the column, do you mean replace the category that has been assigned to the category section of the chart with a different category?

2.  Are all three data types you would like to switch between dates, or are some dates and some numeric values?


Quartz | Level 8

hi SAS_Mike,

1. Yes, the category, but in the data , the categories , A and B, are columns named as such but date formats.

2. Yes, some are numeric and one date.

Obsidian | Level 7

Hi jplarios,

My initial thought is that you could use a calculated item and use an if statement based on text or numeric choices in a drop down list.  I was trying to test this, but I think I need an example of how you have the data organized in your file to make sure I am using similar information.  Could you post a quick example of the table of you are importing into SAS?




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