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Do you have an upcoming meeting or conference on the horizon? Your SAS User Group support team is eager to help and help you shape a successful event in 2022. 😊 🎉 


Whether it's virtual, in-person, hybrid or to-be-determined... large scale or small scale... LUG, RUG or in-house...  we ask that you have one representative from your User Group fill-out this form for our database as you begin to plan your next event. 


Screen-capture shared below: 

Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 4.29.59 PM.png


This new protocol we're implementing will help us with planning, tracking and more! We encourage you to save it to your bookmarks, for easy access the next time you want to plan an event. Once you fill it out, feel free to reach out via email and we will connect on next steps.


Shout-out to Nancy from the Michigan SAS User Group team for already utilizing it upon the initial announcement!! ️ 


Lastly, please do us a favor and spread the word! Please cascade this information to the rest of your team in an email or at your next upcoming meeting! Thanks so much. 


Check Out the Form!



Will do, @kateulveling.  When we submit this form, will you automatically add UG events to the calendar?

Check out the Boston Area SAS Users Group (BASUG) video archives:
Community Manager

Right on the money, Quentin!! Hoping this streamlines the process there.. This will serve as a way to identify meetings that I may not have been informed of and also provide support to those that need my assistance. For groups unlike BASUG that may want more assistance, there is usually a lot of back and forth emailing that happens to identify speaker, dates, needs, etc. On the flip side, I typical google groups that are on my radar to identify upcoming meetings if they have not informed me of them and that's how I get them on the calendar. This will be good so I don't miss any!



Registration is open! SAS is returning to Vegas for an AI and analytics experience like no other! Whether you're an executive, manager, end user or SAS partner, SAS Innovate is designed for everyone on your team. Register for just $495 by 12/31/2023.

If you are interested in speaking, there is still time to submit a session idea. More details are posted on the website. 

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