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Obsidian | Level 7 Fae
Obsidian | Level 7

How do you connect to SAS Studio with Python(VS Code)? 


It seem saspy can connect to every SAS product except SAS studio.


I am really confuse, is SAS Viya the same as SAS studio?

Super User Tom
Super User


There are SAS/Studio version that can submit code to SAS (BASE SAS, FOUNDATION SAS) and to VIYA (CAS).  So you can use SAS/Studio to create/run code on either platform.


For VSCode to connect to SAS it would connect an actual SAS session (similar to how SAS/Studio connects to a SAS session).  


My understanding is that the SAS produced extension for VSCode can connect to a CAS session.  I don't think they have yet created a way for it to connect to a normal SAS session.

Meteorite | Level 14

Hello @Fae 
Looks like there is need for greater understanding of the tools that are being used. The answers to your questions are

  1. How do you connect to SAS Studio with Python(VS Code)? 
    SAS Studio and VS Code are two different client applications or GUI/front ends. They serve similar purpose of creating/editing/running the code on a back end server. It could be SAS 9.4 or Viya. Thus both can connect to the same back end but do not expect them to be able to connect to each other.
    It is pertinent to point that SAS Studio is a web Application. One can open the SAS Studio interface in the browser on your desktop, the actual processes are however running on the server. 
    VS Code is an application installed on your desktop/laptop but runs SAS code on the server.
    It should be possible to edit/execute code created in one interface using the other.
  2. I am really confuse, is SAS Viya the same as SAS studio?
    SAS Studio and SAS Viya are not the same.  SAS Studio is a component included in SAS Viya.
    It is a client interface/GUI/Front end for creating/editing/executing your code (and many more functions) on the SAS Viya Server.

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