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Calcite | Level 5

I have one datetime variable and I would like to add 7 days to the existing date/time


112/4/2019  15:21 PM12/5/2019  15:21 PM
212/5/19 12:42 PM12/12/19 12:42 PM


I did the following and didn't work

new_start_date = intck ('dtday', raw_start_date_time, 7)


I also tried intck('day'), intnx ('day'), and raw_start_date_time * 7 * 24 * 60 * 60.


No luck

Super User

INTNX, not INTCK() and dtDAY since you have a datetime.

new_start_date = intnx('dtday', raw_start_date_time, 7);

If you wanted to do it manually you need to ADD that date amount, not multiply it.


 raw_start_date_time  +  7 * 24 * 60 * 60
Super User Tom
Super User

INTCK() counts intervals.  You want INTNX().

Also are variables really datetime and not string?  I don't think SAS has a format to display datetime values in that style you are showing.  But perhaps that is data you typed into Excel instead?

Rhodochrosite | Level 12
New = raw+ 7 *24*3600 ;
A SAS datetime value is an integer number of seconds.
There are 3600 seconds in each of the 24 hours in a day


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