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I am using SAS 9.4 (TS1M2).


I am having an issue, and I am having trouble pinpointing exactly where communication is breaking down. More specifically, I don't know if the trouble is with SAS or with Microsoft/VB/Excel...


My organization has a website that submits code to SAS on a remote server via a url. The SAS code produces a VBScript, that in turn, produces an Excel workbook. Everything works 100% perfect if I am logged into the server when the SAS code is submitted via the URL..aka, the VBScript and the Excel workbook  are both produced.


However, if I am NOT logged into the remote server, ONLY the VBScript is produced, while the Excel workbook is not produced. Meanwhile, dozens, if not hundreds of WScript processes begin popping up in the task manager. When this happens, I end up having to manually close all of the WScript processes and double-click on the VBScripts to get them to execute, at which point they work fine.


So, my question is, is the breakdown happening in the communication between SAS and VBS, or is it more of a permission issue between VBS and Microsoft office?



I've been trying to figure this out for awhile without much luck. I'd be happy to clarify anything that is unclear.



Thank you,



Calcite | Level 5

Thank you for responding.


I have actually read the discussion board you linked, and I am not sure it applies to my situation.


I am not trying to run SAS through visual basic. I am using SAS to generate a visual basic script, and then execute that script (using X command). The visual basic script itself opens up an already-existing Excel file and inserts already-existing graph images into that Excel workbook.


A couple of other things I forgot to mention:


  1. The URL is passed through SAS IntrNet.  I don’t know if this is a contributing factor or not (I really doubt that it is). 
  2. The requests are from external users who log into our site to submit the requests.  So one of the most confusing problems here is why I (or someone else with administrator rights on the server) have to be logged in for these processes to successfully conclude.  The jobs are being submitted to SAS from an account that does have administrative privileges so I have no idea why the submitted requests do not execute through to the end. 

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