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Calcite | Level 5

I am allocating zipcodes to facilities using a proc optmodel. After it is done, I am comparing initial and final maps. How can I make the legends the same color if the proc optmodel is removing some facilities ?


My response data looks like [zip,facility] , eg [12345, ABC].[456789,PQR] and model might tell me [12345,ABC],[456789,ABC] thus shutting down PQR facility.

Tourmaline | Level 20

The only way is to manually list the facilities and assign them a colour (one pattern for each), and then use the second list of facilities to assign the remaining ones the same pattern.

For example

ABC => pattern1=blue

ABD => pattern2=red

ABE => pattern3=green


ABC => pattern1=blue

ABE => pattern2=green



Super User

Easiest is likely to define a single legend with all of the facilities and use that. Yes, some facilities that are not included will be in the legend. I suggest that having legend items that do not appear in the map may be a way to quickly identify which were removed by the modeling or other processes.

Meteorite | Level 14

I'm not sure how you'd implement the 2 suggestions provided so far.


But here's what I recommend. Use gmap's "midpoints=" option to list all the things you want in the legend (then they'll appear, even if they aren't in the data in that particular map). Here's a short example showing how to use it:


data foo1;
statecode='NC'; value='ABC'; output;
statecode='SC'; value='PQR'; output;

data foo2;
statecode='NC'; value='ABC'; output;
statecode='SC'; value='ABC'; output;

proc gmap data=foo1;
id statecode;
choro value / midpoints='ABC' 'PQR';

proc gmap data=foo2;
id statecode;
choro value / midpoints='ABC' 'PQR';



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