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Calcite | Level 5

Hi all,


I have a link that looks like this -  https:// ... (year)...(month).xslm. 


The month part of the link changes every month. Is there any way SAS can click, download a file from this URL, and save it to our file system?


I can schedule a job, but I just can't figure out how to make SAS save this file to our file system. I tried PROC HTTP GET request but had no luck. 


Thank you for your help!


Super User
filename _myfile "/home/fkhurshed/downloaded_data%sysfunc(today(), year4.)_%sysfunc(today(), monname3.).xlsm";
proc http method="get" 
 url=", year4.)_%sysfunc(today(), monname3.).xlsm"
filename _myfile clear;

First get this working for a single file with hardcoded dates, something like above. 
Then use %SYSFUNC() with today() and the appropriate format for your date structure to have the date values calculated automatically. 

Meteorite | Level 14

If you want to get a binary copy of the "online" file, do it like this: 


%let year=2023;
%let month=June;

filename in URL "https:// ... (&year.)...(&month.).xslm" 
recfm=N lrecl=1; /* this important for binary copy */

filename out "/path/to/store/the/file/ filename (&year.)...(&month.).xslm" recfm=N lrecl=1;

data _null_;
rc = fcopy("in", "out");
rctxt = sysmsg();
if rc then 
  put "ERROR:" rctxt;

filename in clear;
filename out clear;

I'm using this technique in my programs. 


All the best


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