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Fluorite | Level 6

Is there a way to execute multiple SAS programs from one program with the use of macro variables in the path and the log?


1. I want dynamic dates in the log name

2. The location where the program resides and the log locations are different and both should employ a macro variable.


To achieve this, if I use a call command, I am guessing I cannot use dynamic paths or dates. If I use a %include statement, there is a restriction on the number of characters (LRECL should be <=6000).


Is there any way to trigger them in data null step or using a macro?

Super User

If I use a %include statement, there is a restriction on the number of characters (LRECL should be <=6000).


You have lines with more than 6000 characters? That seems like a problem in itself. %INCLUDE is always the method I've used.


Use PROC PRINTTO in your programs for the log and add the date using %SYSFUNC(). 



Fluorite | Level 6

@Reeza My bad, I thought the restriction was overall. Thank you very much for your suggestions

I used %include but there are two issues I am facing. (I am running using putty)


1. I used Printto, but the log file has only "Notes:" but doesn't show the actual lines of the code in log. Is that supposed to be that way? Usually on a log we see both lines of code and the Notes and Warnings.


2. If there is a Proc Import step in the sas program that we are calling using %include, the main program doesn't seem to run at all. It runs for a long time, the log file also stands still. Sample proc import that has been used:



DATAFILE= "&path./ABC.xlsx"





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Check the documentation for %INCLUDE, I think there's an option you can set to have the code printed in the log as well as the notes and such.

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And your PROC IMPORT is missing the RUN which is why it's hanging - SAS is waiting for it to terminate and you don't have a termination. 

Diamond | Level 26

LRECL is not a restriction on the number of characters.


It is a restriction on the number of characters on a single line of code. Are you writing code that has 6000 characters on one line?


I think %include will work fine.

Paige Miller

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