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Calcite | Level 5
Hi i have completed my Base SAS certification and I am looking forward to start my career but I am confused to which position should I start applying for jobs and every company is asking for experience..Can anyone suggest me to move forward in my career growth.TIA
Tourmaline | Level 20

It's hard to give advice without knowing which region you are living in.

What other education do you have, previous work experiences etc?

SAS programming is a technique. What kind of role are looking for - system developer, data analyst, SAS maintenance responsible...

You could try to look for an internship.

Some larger consultancies may have the possibility to onboard junior developers into larger project or in maintenance organisations.

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Calcite | Level 5
Thank you for the response.I recently completed the Base SAS certification
and looking for job to start in it.I am confused to which position should
I apply .I have no experience in this field.Should I apply for analyst or
Tourmaline | Level 20

Analyst can mean many different things, so if you may apply if the specific role description seems to suit you.

Programmer - yes, since you have taken a cert.

Sounds like you need a mentor 🙂

Data never sleeps
Opal | Level 21

What industry work experience do you have if any? If, for example, you already have experience in the finance industry then leverage that - go for data analyst roles in the finance industry. That will increase your chances of being hired.


Newbie employees often make the mistake that employers only hire on the basis of technical skills, like SAS. That is not correct. Equally important are your industry experiences and personal skills and attributes. Employers will focus these as software skills can be more easily picked up on the job.

Super User

Companies look for two types when hiring:

  • experienced SAS professionals (expensive)
  • beginners whom they can train themselves for the job required (cheap)

You fall into the second category; you need to show you can learn quickly, and mostly on your own (requiring less time and attention of the other SAS developers). Your resume should show a strong background in overall programming (other languages, shell scripting).

If you are lucky, you find a place where they test you by giving you a simple problem to solve.


In the meantime, hone your SAS skills by solving problems here on the community, and learning from the solutions provided.

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SAS Programmer in Pharmacy field or CRO company.



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