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Calcite | Level 5



I want to suppress notes like these from being printed to the log in SAS studio:

NOTE: The UUID '9c7282ec-f599-444f-8cc2-e01054aab92f' is connected using session MYSESS.
NOTE: The Cloud Analytic Services server processed the request in 0.000225 seconds.
NOTE: The UUID '9c7282ec-f599-444f-8cc2-e01054aab92f' is connected using session MYSESS.
NOTE: The Cloud Analytic Services server processed the request in 0.00078 seconds.

I know that I can use this system option to suppress all notes:

options nonotes;

However there are some notes that I want to see, so I am wondering if there is some kind of option that only suppress the specific notes above, similar to how this system option specifically suppress notes about real time and cpu time:

options nostimer;

I have tried the session option messagelevel, and that did get rid of some other unwanted notes, but not the ones from above:

cas mysess sessopts=(caslib=casuser messagelevel=warning);


In case it matters, I am using SAS 9.4 / Viya 3.5 in SAS Studio 5.2.


One workaround would be to turn the notes system option on and off throughout the code...


But hoping that there is a specific option/setting to accomplish this?



Tourmaline | Level 20

Out of interest, why are these notes a problem? 

I don't think you do what you want except by using the method you mentioned.

This is not a new issue.



Calcite | Level 5

Thanks for your reply.


I sometimes generate notes in my macros with relevant information for the user in this way:


%put NOTE: this is a note;



At the moment, the SAS log gets clogged up with "connected using session" and "processed the request" notes. When running a full program, for every relevant note my macros have generated there are a few of these irrelevant and repetitive notes about the CAS connection and request.


If there are any other automatically generated notes I would be interested to see them. If I have notes turned off except for when I want to put my own notes to the log then I will be unaware of any system generated notes.


Hope this makes sense?

Tourmaline | Level 20

> Hope this makes sense?

It does. Clutter in the log is dreadful. Windows system logs are the worst for this.

I think the best option might be to have a post-job process that cleans the log files. 



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