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Using SAS Base, we are currently producing 100 excel files with two identical sheets. The client would like to request the first sheet to be 'locked' or protected with a password when for editing, and the second sheet not protected (this will serve as their 'working' sheet for pivot tables).

Is this possible with SAS codes or visual basic?

Thank you!

Diamond | Level 26 RW9
Diamond | Level 26

Whilst the above shows how to do such a thing, I would ask why?  Your exporting data from a Stats package, into numerous Excel files and then someone else if performing some calculations based on that yes.  If so, why not just have a data transfer, i.e. one SAS dataset, and then they can process it in their SAS/DBMS.  If they want reports then produce them.  I would suggest your just opening yourself to problems with a) working with Excel, b) letting someone else fiddle around with your data in an unvalidated/unstrcutured approach.

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