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Fluorite | Level 6

I have a very simple program that reads in the contents of all the .csv files in a Windows directory. That part of the program works fine.


I would like to add the file name to each record.


The problem I have is the variable fullfilename contains only 'C:\Users' rather than the full name. I have verified this with PUT statements.


In the log, SAS correctly identifies the full path and name and the proper data is imported but the ticker field (to wihich I tried to assign the parsed filename) is blank, as is the fullfilename field.


Thanks for your help!


Using Windows 10 and SAS 9.4 in Enterprise Guide


data ticker_files;
infile 'c:\Users\tparrent\Documents\SandP 500 Stock History\daily\table_*.csv'
put fullfilename;

do until(last);

    input dateint unknown open high low close volume;
    ticker = scan(scan(fullfilename,-1,'_'),1,'.');


Accepted Solutions
Super User

make sure to specify the length as well.


length fullFileName sourceName $256.;

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Super User

When you use the FILENAME you need to actually store it, I don't see that in your code, but it doesn't look complete either....

This is what you'd add and you should have a variable called sourceFile in your dataset. I don't even think fullFileName would be outputted to your dataset otherwise.


sourceFile = fullFileName;
Fluorite | Level 6

I tried your sugestions and sourceFileName still contains only 'C:\Users'


I did post the entire code and it does run and import the data from the files

Super User

make sure to specify the length as well.


length fullFileName sourceName $256.;
Fluorite | Level 6

LENGTH fullfilename $256.; did the trick!


Thank you very much Reeza. I now understand something beyond the specific problem - don't get careless with variables!


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