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Calcite | Level 5

Hi, I have FTP ed a dataset named MR0305 from mainframes to Solaris Server and using in the SAS program.
The dataset has been in the Solaris server after FTP has been done.
But I was getting the error as:

253 )
254 ;
ERROR: File SID.MR0305A.DATA does not exist.
256 *-- NO BLANK TERR06 / TERR07 RECORDS -------------------------------*;

I have tried so many but again the same error has been repeatedly coming:

ERROR: File SID.MR0305A.DATA does not exist.

Any suggestions will help a lot.

Thanks & Regards,

Super User
I don't think we have enough information to help you here. Data moving from server to server, the path/library could be specified incorrectly. Can you run proc contents on the library and see the dataset? If the files are from different OS you may need to migrate the files using CPORT/XPORT rather than solely FTPing files.
Calcite | Level 5
Dataset has moved correctly from mainframes to Solaris server and I am able to see the dataset in the list as well. But when I am using in the program , I am getting the error:
ERROR: File SID.MR0305A.DATA does not exist.

Please confirm if this is a SAS dataset or library you are transferring or not. If it is then the dataset or library has to be converted to transport format on the mainframe, FTP'd to Unix using the BINARY option, then use Unix SAS to import the dataset:


  1. On mainframe use CPORT procedure to create SAS transport file.
  2. FTP to Unix using BINARY option.
  3. In Unix SAS use CIMPORT procedure to import transport file.
Opal | Level 21

Does the user under which your SAS session runs have read access to the file?


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