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Rhodochrosite | Level 12

1) I'm getting the invalid argument warning when I executed the following code and I see the value of sales_date as missing instead of '01DEC2022'd. 


data test;
sales_date = input(mon_intrvl, date9.);

2) How to convert any given date value to th start date of the month? For example if input date value is  '22DEC2022' then I need the result as '01DEC2022'd. I tried the intnx function as below but it's not working.


data test;
start_date_edh = intnx("month",today(),"b");

Warning which I got is,

NOTE: Character values have been converted to numeric values at the places given by: (Line):(Column).
NOTE: Invalid numeric data, 'b' , at line 82 column 40.
start_date_edh=. _ERROR_=1 _N_=1

Any help to resolve this?


Diamond | Level 26

If you are getting errors, show us the log.

Paige Miller
Super User Tom
Super User

The DATE informat needs strings in the style ddMONyyyy.  So strings like 01DEC1990 or 01-dec-1990 etc.

To read a string in the style of yyyy-mm you would need a different informat.  I think you might have to append a day of the month to get it to work.

data test;
  sales_date = input(cats(mon_intrvl,'-01'), yymmdd10.);
  put sales_date=date9.;

Your second mistake is you did not include the OFFSET for the INTNX() function call.  So it is trying to convert the letter B into a number.  To get the beginning of the current month use an offset of 0 months.

data test;
  start_date_edh = intnx("month",today(),0,"b");
  format start_date_edh date9.;




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