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Meteorite | Level 14

Hi @YoloY 


It looks like you are a "fresher" here at, let me share some  advise to help you get help faster.


If you want us to help you modify your code:

1) paste the code, not a print screen of the code,

2) explain what/how would you like the code to be modified...



Polish SAS Users Group: and

"SAS Packages: the way to share" at SGF2020 Proceedings (the latest version), GitHub Repository, and YouTube Video.
Hands-on-Workshop: "Share your code with SAS Packages"
"My First SAS Package: A How-To" at SGF2021 Proceedings

SAS Ballot Ideas: one: SPF in SAS, two, and three
SAS Documentation

Calcite | Level 5

Thank you for your advice. I want to add adjusted variables in the process of proc logistic. The code as follows:

%macro WMWodds(_DATASET, _GROUP, _Y) ;
ods listing close ;
proc npar1way data=&_DATASET. correct=no ;
class &_GROUP. ;
var &_Y. ;
ods output WilcoxonScores=WS(keep=Class SumOfScores) ;
run ;
proc transpose data=WS out=FLAG prefix=WSCORE_ ;
var SumOfScores ;
id CLASS ;
run ;
data _NULL_ ;
set FLAG ;
if (WSCORE_1 >= WSCORE_2) then call symput("_FLAG",1);
else call symput("_FLAG",2);
run ;
proc logistic data=&_DATASET. ;
class &_GROUP. ;
model &_GROUP.=&_Y. ;
roc ;
ods output ROCAssociation=AUROC ;
run ;
ods listing ;

data WMWODDS ;
set AUROC ;
if (&_FLAG=1) then do ;
WMWOdds=Area/(1-Area) ;
SE =StdErr/(1-Area)**2 ;
LnWMW =log(Area/(1-Area)) ;
LnSE =StdErr/(Area*(1-Area)) ;
end ;
else do ;
WMWOdds=(1-Area)/Area ;
SE =StdErr/Area**2 ;
LnWMW =log((1-Area)/Area) ;
LnSE =StdErr/(Area*(1-Area)) ;
end ;
z =quantile("NORMAL",0.975) ;
LowerCI =WMWOdds - z*SE ;
UpperCI =WMWOdds + z*SE ;
LowerCI_exp=exp(LnWMW - z*LnSE) ;
UpperCI_exp=exp(LnWMW + z*LnSE) ;
if _n_=1;
keep Area StdErr WMWOdds SE LowerCI UpperCI
LowerCI_exp UpperCI_exp ;
run ;
title "&_DATASET." ;
proc print noobs ;
run ;
%mend ;




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