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The ability to synchronize axis would be a great addition to the dual axis graphs. Having two different axis can be misleading and confusing. Right now it is possible to bypass unsynchronized axis by setting a fixed minumum and maximum. However, fixed axis is not considered ideal as new values can be higher or lower than the fixed values (e.g. when reporting on a new month). Therefore, a dynamic solution such as synchronizing axis would be ideal. 

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I think that you should provide an example of what you mean by "synchronized axis" in this instance. Minimum an example data set and the resulting picture. Possibly even should include which proc or graphing approach you are basing your suggestion on.



Style comment: If your resulting dual axis is "confusing" or "misleading" then the graph designer needs to consider something more than just the axis range / tick mark label in the presentation.

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When you say dual axis, you mean for example two y-axes, (one on the left, and one on the right)?  And you want a way to have them be identical?  I think typically a second y-axis is used when you want to plot against a different variable, so usually makes sense for the two axes to differ.  Agree, an example would help.