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We would like the ability to save/export a Studio flow as a .sas external file. To be able to specify the path and filename.


We are migrating from Enterprise Guide and this is a critical feature that is used extensively by many users to export process flows and execute the resulting .sas in a batch environment. We intend to follow the same way of working in SAS Viya/Studio.

Calcite | Level 5


I would also like to have this functionality included in SAS Studio.



Calcite | Level 5

This is a very useful feature to have in SAS Studio. SAS - could you Please create a case and take this forward .

Calcite | Level 5


I would also like to have this functionality added as its very useful feature.



Calcite | Level 5

Definitely would like to have this feature in SAS Studio and extremely reliant on it in SAS Enterprise Guide.

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I'm not a Studio user, but surprised to hear this feature is not there already.  I did find this related post about batch-submitting Studio flows in Viya.


But I can't tell if it ever writes a .sas file.  As I noted in the comments, as a developer, it didn't look very easy to me to get it working.  In SAS 9, I always like that whether I'm using Display Manager, EG, DI Studio, Stored Processes, whatever, the heart of it is always a .sas file.  And you could move that .sas file between environments/applications.


@Quentin - Coincidentally, this post shows you how to do it with Python:


To me this seems like a clunky workaround when EG has a simple menu option to do it. Why can't SAS Studio do it via a menu option as well?

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Does the Generate Code button in the flow not generate the appropriate code? Or is it the feature of having this as a task and the option to specify the save as path what you need?

I'd guess that it isn't that hard to build your own task to do that, since the capabilities are there.