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HI, you should be able to export from an EG project file stored processes, including prompts, to a file (a SAS package?), and then reimport it into another project, prompts intact. It seems like a pretty strange oversight that you can't do this.

SAS Employee
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@KeithAdams , trying to understand the exact scenario. I assume the following:

  1. You have EG Process Flow 01 
  2. Inside that flow you have a Stored Process node, which uses a Stored Process definition (STP) with prompt definitions. Note that these definitions are stored in SAS 9 Metadata Server.
  3. Now you want to open/create another EG process flow, say EG Process Flow 02,  and want to add a Stored Process node with the same code and prompt definitions as the Stored Process node in EG Process Flow 01?

If that describes your scenario, then have you tried copy/paste? I did the following:

  • Open EG Process Flow 01, select the Stored Process node, Right-Mouse-Button and select Copy from the popmenu,
  • Then close the EG process flow (or even the complete  EG project)
  • Open/create another EG Project and/or EG Process flow, and Right-Mouse-Button click on the canvas and select Paste from the popmenu
  • The pasted node has the exact same properties as the node in Process Flow 01. Meaning it has the same SAS Code, the same Execution Options, and same Prompt definitions. 

I know this is not using SAS export packages, but still allows for very easy reuse if you have access to both EG projects (and SAS server and SAS Metadata Server) . You could even just create a "dummy" project with a single process flow that only has this single stored process node, and then distribute that EG project to others in your organization. Of course, this is assuming they have access to the same SAS server and the same SAS Metadata Server.

Would this be an acceptable solution?

SAS Employee

Thank you for your product suggestion for SAS Enterprise Guide. We are looking at enabling the integration of SAS Enterprise Guide with SAS Viya 4. We don't have any plans for adding any other new features in the foreseeable future.