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When you run a sas program in STUDIO, in the log you have a summary of ERRORS/WARNINGS/NOTES that you can use to navigate the log, as shown in the highlighted red box in the screenshot.




If you run that same sas program as a background submit it creates a log, however, when you open that log the ERRORS/WARNINGS/NOTES summary does not exist.




In EG, if you open a saved log it will parse the file and provide you with the summary you can then use to jump around in the log. The below screenshot is from a saved log that was then drag and dropped into an EGP and you can see that it provides you with the summary.




Can this funcitonality be added to SAS STUDIO so that when viewing saved SAS logs (such as the one created by a background submit) the "log summary" is available?


Note: this suggestion is related to the question asked in this thread




Super User

This might be a post where you should show a FULL log as TEXT pasted into a code box opened on the forum with the </> instead a picture. One, the resolution on the picture is very hard to read and it appears not to have any errors or warnings.



You might also want to search for "Parse SAS Log". The text logs have been around for a very long time and people have been writing programs to extract information from logs almost as long.

Fluorite | Level 6

I'm not sure I am following your comment. This request does not have anything to do with the contents of the logs in my first message. In the screenshots I am trying to show that functionality that existed in EG does not exist in SAS STUDIO, and that is the functionality I am requesting be added (log summaries when viewing saved logs), or at least considered to be added.


I know there are other ways to parse logs, but since this is a functionality that used to exist in EG I am wondering if it can be added to studio given the trend toward viya.