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If an external object (f.e. Custom Step) is added to the Flow then it is referenced by the full path. We would like to reference it by a variable or relative path like "../../Prompts.step" instead. This functionality constitutes the Git integrability and allows for a simultaneous work of more than 1 person while keeping the project in the Git.


We would like to see a following set up – each developer works on own local repository. Inside a repository we have number of Flows. Some Flows in a folder contain Custom Steps.




One developer changes something in such Custom Step and commits the changes. Other developer clones the repository and tries to change the same Custom Step. Dev2 is now unable to save it, because the path of the Custom Step points to dev1’s local repository. It means that even though the Flow is in repo2, the object inside (Custom Step) is from repo1. The path to DEV1's repo is visible if we hover over opened inside object from DEV2's Flow.


It is like this:



We want it to be like this:



Now we have to remove the Custom Step from each Flow and attach the new version, then select every custom option inside. It takes a lot of time, since one Custom Step can be in more than one flow. To solve this we could include objects with relative path (f.e. ../../Prompts/1_Prompts.step) or variable (f.e. ${path}/Prompts/1_Prompts.step) so it works across repositories. We don’t want to keep those Custom Steps outside repository as there is no DI’s check-out option and anyone could change the code of the Custom Step anytime.

recording - ref: CS0060147