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I have a SAS catalog developed many years ago in 32-bit system. It is not read in 64-bit SAS, unfortunately. I’ve found some workaround: firstly, convert it into cport file in 32-bit SAS and then import back in 64-bit SAS as shown in following codes

However, I’m not able to find any 32-bit SAS env. to apply this workaround. Is there any other workaround you can suggest? or Can I kindly request from you to run below code in 32-bit SAS if you have any chance?


Your helps would be more than appriciated.



/*32-bit convert to cport file*/

libname my32 'c:\path-to-library'; /* path where Formats.sas7bcat exists */

filename trans 'c:\path-to-library\filename.cpt';  /* transport file you are creating */

proc cport lib=my32 file=trans memtype=catalog;

   select formats;


/*64-bit import from cport file*/

libname my64 'path-to-newlib';  /* path to store the new Formats.sas7bcat file */

filename trans 'c:\path-to-library\filename.cpt';  /* same as in Step 1 above */

proc cimport infile=trans lib=my64;



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Unfortunately not much option.


You might try contacting SAS tech support to see if they might do the export from a 32 bit system. Or someone on the forum might volunteer. Without your actual catalog running that code won't do much. If you intended to attach the catalog it didn't take and I believe the forum is a bit picky about the file formats you can attach.


Catalogs are not very portable so you should make sure that you have the code used to create them. With formats I would recommend using the CNTLOUT format when creating or updating your formats to a data set in the same library. Data sets tend to be a tad more tolerant and you can rebuild the format catalog using the CNTLIN option.

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Maxims 26 & 27.

Always have the raw textual sources available, never rely on binary files for long-term storage of codes and code elements.


SAS technical support can come to the rescue here.


If you are in search of code stored as source entries in the catalog file, you might even find it with a good text editing tool like notepad++, but it is tedious work.



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