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Calcite | Level 5

I read a few threads on the plotting error exceeding maxobs.  I bumped up my maxobs, and now get the error: 


WARNING: This graph has too many graphical elements. You may not be able to get any vector graphics output and in that case, you can set your output format to an image type.

One recommendation was not to plot so many points, but instead use summary data.

My problem is I want to use the box and whiskers plot, which is a summary tool. I can research the image method, but there should be some SAS method of showing graphical summaries of large data sets without running into 'your data set is too large' error. I am dealing with 33 million records, which is not large. 

I also create a simple table of the percentiles using proc univariate, but the graph is more effective.

Any recommendations? 


for plotting (from a macro, I removed the ampersands): 

	proc sgplot data=work.wtable;
	   vbox wpref_stat / category=mycat;
	   yaxis label="wyaxis" minor minorcount=wminor;
	   format wpref_stat comma7.0;



The issue is not how many observations are in the sample, the issue is how many boxes are on the plot. For the option


you will get one box for every level of the MyCat variable. How many levels do you have? Make sure that MyCat is a categorical variable, not an interval variable. You can use PROC FREQ to see the levels for MyCat.


I notice that your error message says "vector graphics", so please show the COMPLETE log for the program that you are submitting. This will help us determine what graphical options you have set.



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