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Hello, I'm a new user and glad  SAS is available.  I am using secondary data set.  I want to find out the size of my target population.  I have saved data set.  My question is using SAS University Edition, how do I find out the size of the target population?


Thank you.


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Describe the data set that you intend to get that information from.

Likely it in will involve summing a count variable but we need lots more information for more of an answer.

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What's a secondary data set? 


Calcite | Level 5

A secondary dataset refers to existing data that was collected for purposes that are different from the original purpose.

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Ah, we use the term administrative data. The population in that case usually refers to general pop so without knowing your more info we can't help. For example, for the child welfare database, the target pop would be all kids in the province.

Also, for SAS, the term secondary data has no specific value. Data is data, the fields, type, and structure are more important.
Calcite | Level 5

Thank you Reeza.  Today, I had no problem uploading the attached data notpad file.  However, I am trying to identify the total sample population.  I am not sure how to do this.  In addition,  I want to isolate the target sample population.  The cases are  stratified by new applicant, two-parent or ongoing families for sampling states.  My questions are: 1)  In SAS, how do I find out the total sample population?  2) How do I isolate cases i.e. women, ages 18-55, African American? 2) how do I determine the number of cases in each strata?


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