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Calcite | Level 5


I have a SOAP Webservice i have to access. The Problem is that i need to send a Password thats combined with some hashes and other fields.


i need to send the following password:
Password_Digest = Base64 ( SHA-1 ( nonce + created + password ) )

nonce = the Request ID

created = the timestamp


I know its possible to create a Base64 Hash and a SHA-1 hash (with an extra java Programm) but how do i get the Request ID and the Timestamp of my Request?


Is it even possible to get this information in SAS or do i have to make a JAVA-Programm which does the soap stuff?


Thanks for your help

Community Manager

SAS has a SHA256 function, but (as far as I know) does not have a SHA1 function.  This topic thread shows how to call SHA1 in PROC Groovy.


Once you have that, you can combine and implement the Base64 part with the $BASE64 format.



data _null_;
 length nonce $ 50 created $ 28 password $ 25 
        value $ 256 sha1val $ 256;
 nonce = "nonce-value";
 /* datetime in SOAP XML string format */
 /* TODO: verify proper ISO format for this */
 created = put(datetime(),is8601dz.); 
 password = "password";
 value = cats(nonce, created, password);

 /* TBD: add step to SHA1 encode */
 sha1val = value;

 call symput('credential', put(trim(sha1val), $BASE64x256.));

%put &credential;

Example out:

40         %put &credential;
Calcite | Level 5


thanks for your answer.


But the actual problem i have is neither the base64 nor the sha-1 encryption.


It's more the problem how can i use those fields (timestamp, Request-ID) in the proc soap;


is it possible to use proc soap if those fileds are unique for every request?



PROC SOAP IN = %requestFile
	OUT = %responseFile
	URL = "%url"
	SOAPACTION = "%action"
	WSSUSERNAME = "%user"
	WSSPASSWORD = "%generatePassword(timestamp, requestID)"


in this example how do i get the fields timestamp and requestID?

Note: timestamp is created by the server and can not be generated with datetime()


Thanks and Greets




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