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Hello All,


I am using proc export to export data into .csv file and facing some problem. In my data " is present.When I am exporting it using proc export , it is getting repeated 4 times and " becomes """".  I have seen some solutions on this but unfortunately I need to fix this using proc export only. This happens only with " (unmatched double quotes). All other special characters like @,#,$ are exported correctly. I am using SAS 9.2 EG on Unix environment.


Can anyone helps me why proc export behaves like this and what is a solution for this?




Diamond | Level 26 RW9
Diamond | Level 26

If your data contains ", then the output file needs to have more quotes to indicate that the overall string starts from and finishes at.  E.g.


If I put one set of quotes round this:


Thats an invalid string, so need to add more quotes:



Basically if you want a file to look how you want, I would write the datastep to output it.  Also check this post:

Super User

I have had to read files that some creatively modified the rules for quotes for delimited text such that I had values like


column1, "Some text with, and " in the middle", 45.3, column4 text.


And those break almost every standard import tool.


Manually write a couple of lines similar to what I show (or you seem to want). Then use proc import to read the file. Or import into Access or some other data base as a CSV and see what you get.


One might ask what you will do with the resulting file.




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