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Barite | Level 11

I am trying to connect to the Azure Cosmos database. I have a url:


And an AccountKey: ABC123


Any ideas on connecting? This is a NoSQL database.
Barite | Level 11

The connection works through ODBC (Open Database Connectivity). Here is a post discussing that:


LIBNAME mydblib ODBC DATAsrc=azuresrvr1 USER=testuser PASSWORD='ABC123';

ReferenceLIBNAME Statement Specifics for ODBC

Calcite | Level 5

I have managed to get

  • Cosmos DB drivers installed (from CDATA) on my SAS comp server
  • Got a system DSN ODBC connection set up on my SAS comp server (that tests as working) using the URL and token
  • LIBNAME cosmos ODBC DATAsrc=CosmosDBODBCNAME ; (Syntactical works)


But that is as far as I have got.  I do not know what the collections are called on the database.


Has any one found as examples of how to discover what collections are on a Cosmos nosql database?


Not from within SAS but using


Calcite | Level 5

Update whilst the libname is syntactical correct it does not appear to work.


If I use the pass through syntax I get error "schema map entry for "tablename" could not be found. Check query syntax and schema map definition and try again." 


Any ideas?


Got it working ....


* first get the schema and table names using .... ;
proc sql;
connect to odbc(DATAsrc=ODBC_DNS_NAME);
create table work.odbcSchema as
select * from connection to odbc

* the output has the schema name labelled as Table_schem and the table_name in my database ;

* I got field name from using Microsoft Azure Storage Explore ;

proc sql;
connect to odbc(DATAsrc=ODBC_DNS_NAME);
create table work.SAS_dataset_name as
select * from connection to odbc
(select fieldName from Table_schem.table_name);


(note :S is actually a colon followed by a S)



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