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Calcite | Level 5

I'm new to this concept and I was wondering if you could help me. 


I have successfully used PROC HTTP to call data from a website. the problem is that I'm only able to call single Portfolio id each time (this is how the API is set up). 


I was wondering if you could help me change this code to use hypothetical Table A column B values (all 150+ values) to feed into the below code as portfolio ids and eventually create a table with results from using these portfolio ids. 


%let AccessKey =/*Enter Token id Here*/;
%let Portfoli_id =/*Enter Portfolio id Here*/;
proc http

method="GET" out=FS;
"Authorization"="Bearer &AccessKey.";

libname PP Json fileref=FS;
proc contents data=PP._all_;


Really appreciate your help!

Quartz | Level 8

I've done something similar for posting to an API one at a time. Instead of using %let to set your variables, use data null with call symputx. You'll need a count variable to know how many times to loop. Use that count number to know which observation in your dataset to grab. Hope this is helpful. 


/*After the dataset is created, figure out the count you'll need to loop through*/ 
data _null_; call symputx('cnt',&sysnobs.); run; /*compile APILoop macro*/ %macro APILoop(); %do i=1 %to &cnt.; /*Create needed variables you'll pass into the loop - one at a time*/ data _null_; set table_A (firstobs=&i. obs=&i.); call symputx('AccessKey',AccessKey); call symputx('Portfoli_id',Portfoli_id); run; /*Now you have the variables created to put into your proc http*/ proc http; /*insert code here*/ run; %end; %mend; /*Run Loop*/ %APILoop()



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