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Barite | Level 11

Can I ouput Weighted Frequency and other values from a PROC SURVEYFREQ table?


I am doing a 3 way comparison using PROC SURVEYFREQ - TABLES flag*year*age_cat*injury;


This produces a table w/ the frequency of injuries in each age category (i.e. age_cat)  by year. Ulitmately, I want an outputted dataset with the Weighted Freqency and Percent for injury for each age category and year. 


My ideal output would look like this:


year      age_cat    weighted frequency  percent

2002     0-2               125,000                      5.34

2002     3-10             127,000                      x.xx

2002     11-16           145,000                      x.xx

2002     17-21           115,000                      x.xx

2003     0-2               155,000                      7.34

2003     3-10             177,000                      x.xx

2003     11-16           115,000                      x.xx

2003     17-21           105,000                      x.xx




Super User

What exactly are you having trouble with then?

Barite | Level 11

I don't know the correct syntax. I've never used PROC SURVEYFREQ to output to a dataset before...

Super User

You're switching to proc freq/surveyfreq, which one are you trying to run?

What have you tried? 

Barite | Level 11

I'm running PROC SURVEYFREQ. Sorry for the confusion. 


How do I identify, and output, the values I want? For example, how do I tell SAS I want the "Weighted Frequency" and the "Percent" in a new dataset named "want"? Are these listed as options in the TABLES statement? How do I specify that I want these values for the varialbe injury?


Something like this?


Tables flag*year*age_cat*injury / OUT=want, weightedfreq pct;


I have tried using ODS per these instructions, but I can only make it work for a oneway table. I don't know which keyword to use for what I DO want. I've tried "twoway", "fourway", "nway", each time the log states that output "twoway", for example, was not created.

ods output OneWay=WantTable;


Super User

Actually, I didn't find the answer here, you did. 

If possible post what code you ended up using and mark that as the correct solution. 

Barite | Level 11

ODS OUTPUT CrossTabs=want;



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