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Calcite | Level 5
I moved some datasets from an UNIX host to XP, from SAS 9.2 to SAS 9.1.3 by simply moving the sas7bdat files. After completing the long task, I recognized this should be done using PROC COPY. However, the datasets seems to be operational, I can view and run procedures on them. The only bump is "Cross Environment Data Access will be used." log in each use. Should I do it over again?

Most importantly, are the datasets ok to use right now? I mean error-free etc.

If not, can I use PROC COPY on 9.1.3 to convert them to native format? Can I get rid of CEDA processing?

Thank you very much.
Calcite | Level 5
The data may seem to be correct but at sometimes it could create extra charaters or spaces which when used in new enviroment may not work .
for eg. if type"E" then output;
Even if the coloumn has type E it will interpreted dirrerently at some cases.
so its better either trasfer with ASCII mode or use a proc copy.
Rhodochrosite | Level 12
CEDA (cross environment data access) is well documented on the sas website.
It provides a stable solution. When non-local, meta data settings about your dataset like sortedby and indexes are not going to be used. Until you need the support of these features or want to avoid the message about CEDA, there is no need to copy the data to the local format.



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