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Fluorite | Level 6
I’ve got quite big proc tabulate report on 90 pages. I need to print it out on PDF, but only the first page. How do I do it?

When you use Adobe Reader to open the PDF file that was created by ODS, why can't you only print page 1 to your printer. Otherwise I'm not clear on what you mean when you say I need to "print it out on PDF". A PDF file is a proprietary file format for Adobe Acrobat "Portable Document Format" files. When you direct your PROC TABULATE output to ODS PDF, all of your TABULATE output will go into the PDF file. PROC TABULATE doesn't really have physical pages. PROC TABULATE sends output to RTF and PDF and those destination viewers have physical pages that you can print. But once you open the file, you are operating with the applications interface (in this case, either Word or Acrobat and their interface to the printer).

Is there a way to cut your TABULATE down into multiple steps so that the first step produces only page 1? Or do you need for all of your output to be created by TABULATE and then you only want to open the first page? That's what is not clear to me about your statement. ODS DOCUMENT might work for you here, but that seems overkill for something that the Acrobat Reader interface can do with a PDF file quite easily, as shown below:



 This is a PDF file created with PROC TABULATE and ODS. I only created a report with 15 pages, but it really doesn't matter whether I created 15 or 90 pages since Acrobat Reader allows me to print only the first page.

Calcite | Level 5

Check how many records you are able to see on 1st page of your PDF or how many records you want in your PDF. 

options obs=15;

 Use option obs to limit the number of observations to be printed on output page.



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