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Quartz | Level 8

SAS/FSP was recently removed from the mainframe for $$$ reasons.

I am converting the FSEDIT code to a Windows XP platform. 

The enduser (with no SAS skills) likes to cut-and-paste long text fields with a customized FSEDIT screen.  With the 3270 emulation tool, it was very easy.  With XP, I can get cut to work using ctrl-c, but I can’t find an easy solution for paste.  The keyboard shortcut isn’t working (ctrl-v).  I’ve played with the insert key too.  Has anyone figured out how to get this to work?

I recognize that there are better options than FSEDIT, but the user is very comfortable with this method.


Kim LeBouton

KJL Computing

Community Manager


Can't say for sure, but maybe this SAS Note will help?

18155 - Unable to mark text in a field in the FSEDIT window


Opal | Level 21

: I found the following on the web and it may be all that you need to do:

re: ctrl-c and or ctrl-v not working

Annoying problem if you rely 100% on keyboard shortcuts!  I had the same problem and the fix is very easy.  You will need to uninstall your keyboard driver and restart your computer and your CTRL keys will function once again.  To do this:

1)  Click Start

2)  Control Panel

3)  Printers and Other Hardware

4)  Keyboard

5)  In the Keyboard Properties window, click Hardware

6)  Click Properties

7)  Click Driver

😎  Click Uninstall, click OK

9)  Restart your Computer



Community Manager

Actually, I think it is an FSEDIT thing.  The Windows "native" paste commands don't seem to work there.

You can get the function by mapping STORE and PASTE in your FSEDIT command window.  With the FSEDIT window active, open the KEYS window ('KEYS' command will do it) and then map STORE and PASTE to the desired keys.

Also, you may need to apply the WNAVKEYUNMARK command per the SAS note I referenced.

Good luck!


Quartz | Level 8

Thanks for the quick feedback.  Aside to Art:  Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V works outside of FSEDIT, including SAS Display Manager.

I guess I forgot to add which version of SAS, which is SAS 9.3 TS Level 1M2.

The field itself is 160 characters and wraps for several lines.

Working from the SAS 9.1 problem note, the closest I got was a partial paste.  Using MARK (XP ctrl-C worked too) and Store, PASTE (Ctrl-R) would only paste the first line.  As already mentioned, the Windows Ctrl-V does nothing, although it should according to the Problem Note.

I will open up a trouble ticket,


Opal | Level 21

: Just out of curiosity, did you try the steps to reinstall the keyboard?

The note that Chris provided suggested that the keys should work from Windows, regardless.  I wonder if something may have changed regarding the keyboard before SAS was installed.


Quartz | Level 8

Concerning the keyboard and a reinstall, we are talking about at least three machines (one laptop and two desktops) with the same behavior.  I would have to get approval from another department for such a change.

I will put together a small fsedit program to mimic my example and post tomorrow.


Quartz | Level 8

Here is the code I promised last week...  Reminder, the code cut-and-paste works on z/OS and not Windows.

libname screen 'c:\sas.fsp.screen';

data class_with_long_text;

   set sashelp.class;

   if _n_=1 then long_comment=repeat('XY',80);


proc fsedit data=class_with_long_test screen=screen.longtext;


/* if you are interested in learning fsedit, see */

Again, thanks for the comments,


Jade | Level 19

I wonder if it is related to marking and non-markable area.

I know these are OUTPUT window but it may be a similar issue.

5024 - Error: You cannot mark in a non-markable area

6590 - Previous clipboard contents are pasted after copying from Output window 

Barite | Level 11

Hi Kim!


I realise this is a super old post, but given that FSEDIT has no direct SAS replacement in the "new world order" I thought I'd take the opportunity to highlight that this capability (copy / paste, ctrl + c / ctrl + v) is totally valid in Data Controller.  You can copy paste from Excel, or any source, directly into the grid - and configure data validations to boot.




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