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Calcite | Level 5

proc stdrate used to work well in my laptop. One day my company renewed my laptop and installed a new SAS, now the proc stdrate cannot be used. Can anyone help me?

All I got is the error message below: 


ERROR: An exception has been encountered.
Please contact technical support and provide them with the following traceback information:

The SAS task name is [STDRATE]
ERROR: Read Access Violation STDRATE
Exception occurred at (06D4D30F)
Task Traceback
Address Frame (DBGHELP API Version 4.0 rev 5)
0000000006D4D30F 000000002D994910 sasods:tkvercn1+0x12C2CF
00000000283AC508 000000002D994918 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0x5B4C8
00000000283E3F4A 000000002D995470 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0x92F0A
00000000283CCA02 000000002D995760 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0x7B9C2
0000000009BD11BA 000000002D995768 sasoda:tkvercn1+0x8017A
0000000009B70568 000000002D9958A0 sasoda:tkvercn1+0x1F528
0000000009BD11BA 000000002D9958E0 sasoda:tkvercn1+0x8017A
0000000009B5239E 000000002D995CC0 sasoda:tkvercn1+0x135E
000000002B97178A 000000002D995CC8 sasmrk:tkvercn1+0x11074A
000000002B8F52DE 000000002D996270 sasmrk:tkvercn1+0x9429E
000000000EB068DA 000000002D996278 sastags:tkvercn1+0x5589A
000000000EADFCC0 000000002D996850 sastags:tkvercn1+0x2EC80
000000000D29AE4A 000000002D996858 sasxml:tkvercn1+0x49E0A
000000000D2525EA 000000002D996940 sasxml:tkvercn1+0x15AA
0000000006E343EA 000000002D996980 sasods:tkvercn1+0x2133AA
0000000006CE62EA 000000002D996CF0 sasods:tkvercn1+0xC52AA
0000000006C7FA2E 000000002D9973E0 sasods:tkvercn1+0x5E9EE
0000000006E343EA 000000002D997420 sasods:tkvercn1+0x2133AA
0000000006C955BA 000000002D99B610 sasods:tkvercn1+0x7457A
0000000006E343EA 000000002D99B650 sasods:tkvercn1+0x2133AA
0000000006C858DB 000000002D99D8E0 sasods:tkvercn1+0x6489B
0000000006512E9A 000000002D99D8E8 sasstdra:tkvercn1+0x31E5A
00000000064FAE84 000000002D99E240 sasstdra:tkvercn1+0x19E44
00000000064E146F 000000002D99FBB0 sasstdra:tkvercn1+0x42F
000000000314946E 000000002D99FBB8 sashost:Main+0x113BE
000000000314F2CD 000000002D99FF20 sashost:Main+0x1721D
00007FFEBEA57BD4 000000002D99FF28 KERNEL32:BaseThreadInitThunk+0x14
00007FFEBF52CED1 000000002D99FF58 ntdll:RtlUserThreadStart+0x21

Super User
I'd suggest a reinstallation as a first start, making sure you install the SAS/STAT packages and second would be the call to tech support as recommended. Their first suggestions would be a reinstallation as well I suspect, which is why I recommend doing it first.
Calcite | Level 5

Thank you so much!

I used PROC PRODUCT_STATUS; to check what I have in my SAS. It looks like I already have SAS/STAT. Do I need a higher version?


1424 run;

For Base SAS Software ...
Custom version information: 9.4_M4
Image version information: 9.04.01M4P110916
For SAS/STAT ...
Custom version information: 14.2
Custom version information: 9.4_M4
For SAS/ETS ...
Custom version information: 14.2
For SAS/FSP ...
Custom version information: 9.4_M4
For SAS/AF ...
Custom version information: 9.4_M4
For SAS/IML ...
Custom version information: 14.2
For SAS/QC ...
Custom version information: 14.2
Custom version information: 9.4_M4
For High Performance Suite ...
Custom version information: 2.2_M5
For SAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle ...
Custom version information: 9.41
For SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files ...
Custom version information: 9.4_M4
For SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC ...
Custom version information: 9.4_M4

Super User
You don't need one, but you may want one. The latest version is 15.1. Either way, you still need a reinstall if the PROC isn't working.



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