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I am using SAS 9.4.


I have a program called "regroup" that indicates the location of two sets of text documents plus an export file name as %let export_file:

Libname mylib 'C:\SAS Datasets';
filename M_regrp('C:\text data\monthly\.*txt';
filename Y_regrp('C:\text data\yearly\*.txt';
%let export_file="C:\sas_data.mdb";

I wish to call the regroup from another program and pass the 4 settings above from the other program.  How do I do that?  Thanks.


Quartz | Level 8

The report in question (regrp) is actually used for many hospitals and I have them all in the code and just comment out the sites I don't want at the time I run it.  So rather than have multiple copies of regrp to call for each site from this other program, I thought it would be easier to call it from another program that I have to run that uses the resulting dataset from the regrp program.

Quartz | Level 8

Not sure I know what you're asking but each hospital with have a different location for the file location of M_regrp and Y_regrp as well as different locations for the library name and the export_file.  So I want to pass those to the report via the other report that calls the program.  

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Define what the "settings" are in this sentence from your first post:


I wish to call the regroup from another program and pass the 4 settings above from the other program.

Quartz | Level 8
The other program imports data from two locations and merges them, exports to a database and is saved to a specific library.

So I assume I would use %include to indicate the program I want to run, but I want to know how to identify the location of M_regrp and Y_regrp files, the library name to save the dataset to and the database to export the table to. Those are the settings being passed to the called report.
Quartz | Level 8


I wasn't sure about what you were advising but I found that all I needed to do was to copy the filename, libname and let statement for the database to above the %include line and it runs as it should.  Thanks.


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If you have SAS/IML, you could try CALL EXECUTEFILE() .



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