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I am loogin at implementing a generic process of error handling on all the IML scripts we run in our company. Ideally, it would be something like this:

%LET IsIMLError = 0; /* flag that is set to 1 in case if an error */

proc iml;

OnError do;  /* is this somehow possible? */
   %LET IsIMLError = 1; 
   write_error_to_text_file; /* pseudo-code */

/* IML code goes here*/



The idea is to always trigger the error handling section whenever an error appears, no matter the nature of the error. Right now I can't figure out if the 'OnError' event exists in SAS/IML (or something with similar functionality). Any hints?


Read the doc chapter "Generating and Executing Statements", which has two sections on error handling. 

Be sure you are also familiar with the ways to handle run-time errors in modules.


If I may offer some advice: Whenever possible, it is better, easier, and cleaner to detect and handle SAS/IML errors BEFORE they occur. This is different than the try/catch paradigm in some other languages.  

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