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Base SAS® and SAS® Enterprise Guide®: Automate Your SAS® World With Dynamic Code

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AUTHORS KentRonda Team Phelps ~ The SASketeers ~ All for SAS & SAS for All! Illuminator Coaching, Inc. ~ Des Moines, IA


Communication is the foundation of all relationships, including our SAS relationship with the Server, PC, or Mainframe. To communicate more efficiently and increasingly automate your SAS World, you will want to learn how to transform static code into dynamic code that automatically re-creates the static code, and then executes the re-created static code automatically. Our presentation highlights the powerful partnership that occurs when dynamic code is creatively combined with a dynamic FILENAME statement, the SET INDSNAME option, a Macro variable, and the CALL EXECUTE command within one SAS Enterprise Guide program node.


You have the exciting opportunity to learn how to design dynamic code forward and backward to re-create static code while automatically changing the year. As a result, 1,784 time-consuming manual steps are amazingly replaced with only 1 time-saving dynamic automated step! This presentation details the UNIX and Microsoft Windows syntax for our project example and introduces you to your newest BFF (Best Friend Forever) in SAS.


See attached for all the details.


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