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Back to Basics: Running an Analysis from Data to Refinement in SAS®

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Paper 1061-2021

Deanna Schreiber-Gregory, Juxdapoze, LLC


Data science is the new space race, launching us into a world of immeasurable possibility, but with only a few people to help us navigate it. As we dig deeper, discover more and risk more, we can be simultaneously led to both great insight and loss. If we do not know what we are doing, data science can be a very dangerous thing. It is important for us all to learn at least a little bit about the possibilities and risks of this field of study so we can navigate it together. This discussion will benefit those who are new to SAS and/or analytics, making them aware of the possibilities when using data science and SAS. Learn how to navigate through the process of data exploration by using publicly available COVID-19 data. Reporting on this data can be very fragile, so we will explain the dangers of an inappropriately implemented analytical process. Together, we will briefly touch on current best practices and common errors that occur at the different steps of the analytical process, while simultaneously reviewing common SAS procedures used in each of these steps. At the end of this presentation, learn about several citations and recommended readings that can help further your education in data science implementation.


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Watch Back to Basics: Running an Analysis from Data to Refinement in SAS® as presented by the author on the SAS Users YouTube channel.



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