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Fluorite | Level 6

Hello everyone,


I've been using SAS for 5+ years now and this is the first time I'm attending SASGF.


I wonder if there is someone interested in creating content for SASGF2020? ,  If so, we can discuss content ideas  for further exploration or email me at, and of course meet in Dallas TX!!


Have a good day,







Obsidian | Level 7

Good for you Dario!

It's my first SGF too and even though I've been a SAS developer for 12+ years I hadn't even thought of contributing... Guess I'm the shy listening type 🙂


Wish you well and hope you come up with something interesting.



Fluorite | Level 6

I’m positive you can create content with your experience 

Returning User | Level 2

Hey Dario, really looking forward to this!


Returning User | Level 2

That's awesome that you are already thinking ahead to next year's conference.  You are going to love SGF.  I get so much out of each that I attend.  I started as an attendee, presented a couple times and also volunteer.  So...  My recommendations are:

1. volunteer - it's a great way to meet people and you get to see some great presentations.

2. go to the mixers - again a great way to meet people

3. spend time at the Quad.  - I like to walk around and see the different technologies that I don't have available to me currently.  

4. The conference team offers Presenter Mentors - get matched with someone.  They will be able to answer a ton of questions for you.



Fluorite | Level 6

Thank you for your recommendations ¡!!


I tried to volunteer emailed organizers but got no response, 


im already in Texas looking forward to meeting SAS folks

Onyx | Level 15

Don't be put off if you don't hear from the organizers. It's a ginormous conference, and I can guarantee you they are all hyper-busy!!


Just introduce yourself at the social gatherings, and you'll make more than enough new friends!



Fluorite | Level 6

Hi Dario, you mentioned you're in Ontario, right?  If you get a chance to run into me tonight at opening session -- I'm wearing a William Shatner tie -- I can help you find mentors. Or come by the next user groups in Toronto,

Fluorite | Level 6
I’ll try to find you at opening session or talk to you next users group.

Thank you for offering help




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