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I just came across this blog post, The Programmer's Guide for Networking at a Conference.  If you're reading this, you're already following the first piece of advice: Start networking before the conference starts.


The blog post is worth your time to read.  I'll summarize the main headings here.

  • Start networking before the conference starts (hurray! You're doing it!)
  • Become a social butterfly (don't eat lunch by yourself!)
  • Go up to speakers after talks. (I enjoy it when people visit me after present.)
  • Become a speaker
  • Become a volunteer (SAS Global Forum runs on volunteers!)
  • Have your elevator pitch down ("So, what do you do?")
  • Seek to help people and be interested
  • Sit in the front and pay attention
  • Follow up (easy to do with e-mail, communities, and even the conference app).


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Quartz | Level 8

This is the part of my App Game I still haven't even started. I've finished everything else when I got access to it. Haven't touched the "Social Butterfly" section.

Rhodochrosite | Level 12
The very easiest way to network is to volunteer. Consider volunteering in the room you were going to be in anyway.


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