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Obsidian | Level 7

I follow Chris Hemedinger's blog The SAS Dummy and also Robert Allison's blogs and often I then go to SAS and program something similar to their blogged example. Many other SAS employees do similar blog posts of examples which I can then use to do something like use a PROCEDURE I have never used before. These examples are often more light hearted than work oriented for me. Yes, I have some fun mapping solar energy in Australia and Canada using SAS.


I would like to have some fun with formatting the SAS Global Forum Schedule of Sessions and ePosters  (Excel, automatically add to Outlook or Google Calendar, etc.) so wonder if some dataset or text data file exists for free download of the schedule?




Please mark this post as a solution, if it solves something for you, as I am trying to win some conference Swag.



Obsidian | Level 7

Oh I forgot about the web based Agenda builder. That has our own schedule for export.

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@ptimusk A solution can only be marked as a solution by the original poster...but as frequently seen on here, you can mark your own answer as the solution Cat Tongue

Obsidian | Level 7

Yes, it would seem on this post @Reeza that in fact I did answer my own question. I will do more browsing and trying to solve programming problems I think.

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Just a community usage note: here in the event group, the format is not Question-Answer (with accepted solutions) the way it is on other boards.  So there is no concept of Accepted Solution.  @ptimusk - you'll have to answer a question on one of our other boards (such as in the SAS Programming category or in SAS Enterprise Guide, for example).

Obsidian | Level 7

@ChrisHemedinger yes I am regularly checking unanswered questions and replying where I know something I think can help. That's over in the serious programing stuff part of the board.




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