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I have seen a few comments in the "We've got and App for that" thread talking about being app gurus. I wanted to point out that there is a talk at 1:30 on Tueday in the TItan room (2005) where I will be giving a talk about gathering usage data from customer mobile apps. I encourage everyone to come by and then come down to the Customer Intelligence booth on the demo floor where I will be spending most of my time. I would love to talk to folks who either write their own applicaitons or want to write then or who have third party developers doing the work. We can certainly offer you some more tools to make your app a more productive app!


Jim Adams

SAS Developer for Customer Intelligence 360

iOS expert

Pyrite | Level 9
Will your talk include information for Android app developers too?

........Phil Holland
Philip R Holland
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SAS Employee

In the talk I won't have time to go into detail but we could certainly catch up on the demo floor. Suffice it to say we really do support Android developers!

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Don't know i can make the talk, but I will definitely come to the Demo room - very curious about how this would make things more efficient at my job!


Looking forward to seeing you!


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SAS Employee

I look forward to talking with you at our booth. We value any interaction and incite into what you do and plan to do.



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