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Calcite | Level 5

I have a transactional data set which I processed in enterprise guide with the task create time series in order to have the time series as is needed for forecast server, regarding the time ID variable, it came in format DDMMMYYYY and that is how it is exported after the workflow, I assign Day interval with the default settings. The format of the date variable of the table I will use in Forecast is as follows:


Format DATE9.


Reading format DDMMYY10.


But when I identify it in the forecast TimeID it says that there are few recordings of the variable and cant read it.


How can I make it read it?



Super User
Post the actual error you're receiving please. You can also contact SAS tech support directly.
SAS Employee

Is possible to share or describe the data?


How many variables?

Number of missing and non-missing count etc.?


From the information given it is difficult to guess.

Calcite | Level 5

I made a couple of samples with different forms of data and it turns out that the date should be:


1. The first column in the data set

2. It must not have date gaps

3. The complete date series must by unique in date (all values and breakdows must be aggregated by date before loading to forecast)


If I am mistaken feel free to correct me, but so far I think this was the problem


Thanks anyways 🙂


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I'm not sure about Number 1, but the rest sounds correct.



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