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Could anyone exaplain me how to forecast using Root Mean Sqaure Error Method. The provided data is historical and is having the count for every hour the vehicle passed at certain signal. And I want to forecast for Next 7months. Urgent reply is highly appreciated.

SAS Employee



If you are new to forecasting, perhaps the easiest way to get started is to use a point-and-click interface which will guide you through the analysis, modeling and forecasting.

SAS Studio provides a point-and-click interface for generating SAS code and it includes forecasting tasks since release 3.4. It is available for free if you have SAS 9.4 or newer. 


This page has general information about SAS studio.

This page has documentation regarding SAS Studio and the forecasting tasks.


I would recommend that you watch the tutorial videos about time series overviews:

And time series modeling and forecasting:


If you are using an older release of SAS and don't have access to SAS studio, or you want a purely point-and-click interface, you can use the Time Series Forecasting System. You can find an overview here:


I hope this information helps to get you started. 



Calcite | Level 5



Can u please tell me how to do this with excel.

SAS Employee

There is an add-in for MS Office that enables you to use the Forecast Server engine with Excel. I recommend you contact out tech support to figure out whether that is part of the license you have or if you need additional licenses. 



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