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I am currently working on a code to submit my PhD (Financial Economics), as an article, and I shall present multiple regression results in one summary table
I have 2 data sets:
1) loans awarded
and 2) applications submitted to a credit institution. 
I run several regressions and want to compare the results obtained for the same regression equation both on the SET OF LOANS and on THE SET OF APPLICATIONSI want to present regression results on these 2 SETS in one summary table
Question1: Does someone have any idea how I can present both models (MODEL 1 and MODEL2) in one summary table?
An example follows:
MODEL1 (linear OLS)
proc reg data = loans;
model outcome = a b c; run;
On the other side I regressed the same model on the set of applications with:
MODEL2 (linear OLS)
proc reg data = applications;
model outcome = a b c; run;
MODEL3 (logit)
proc logistic data=loans;
model dummy = a b c; run;
Question 2: Does someone know if/how I can introduce in this comparative table the results of a logit regression (MODEL3) on the same data sets?
Question 3: I want to present the regression results with the parameters organized by specific categories, and not by alphabetical order. Any idea?
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Here's some instructions and explanations on how to capture output that is shown to datasets.


You capture the data you need from the output and then have to wrangle into the desired form. This is because every journal/university/company has a different requirement for the exact output. 






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