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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

I have seen the following in the ETS documentation. Note I don't have any projects stored as far as I know.
You can invoke the Forecasting System from the SAS Explorer window by opening an existing forecasting project. By default these projects are stored in the FMSPROJ catalog in the SASUSER library. Select SASUSER in the Explorer to display its contents. Then select FMSPROJ. This catalog is created the first time you use the Forecasting System. If you have saved projects, they appear in the Explorer with the forecasting graph icon, as shown in Figure 58.2. Double-click one of the projects, or select it with the right mouse button and then select Open from the pop-up menu, as shown in the figure. This opens the Forecasting System and opens the selected project.




Is it possible to invoke the Forecasting System from SAS on Demand and if so where do I start?


Thank you. MM




The Time Series Forecasting Menu System (TSFMS) is very old and can only be used from the SAS windowing environment (aka SAS Display Manager) in SAS 9.4.
I only use it to explain some basic principles to customers (like how to work with interventions or interrupted time series analysis).


What version of SAS do you have?
Submit :

%PUT &=sysvlong4;

to find out.


If you have SAS VIYA, you need to turn to VF (Visual Forecasting) or the forecasting tasks in SAS Studio V.
And on VIYA, if you are lucky with your license, you have SAS Econometrics on top of SAS/ETS.
If you are still on SAS 9.4, you can use TSFMS indeed, but a better option is "Forecast Studio and Forecast Server" (Forecast Server uses the HPF-procedures | High-Performance Forecasting procedures).


Especially if you have big data, I would not use TSFMS.

While Forecast Server and Visual Forecasting analyze the series to come up with the "best" formula, TSFMS only analyzes the time series to a certain extent (basic properties). In the end there's a library of predefined models tested against the time series and that can take a while.




Lapis Lazuli | Level 10


Sas version is given below:

%PUT &=sysvlong4;

Forecast Studio and Forecast Server is of interest. How do I get it? How do I initiate its use? Is it available to students? It looks like I would need to create an account to use it. I would need a list of instructions to install.


Thank you for replying.



Hello @MaryA_Marion ,


OK, You have SAS 9.4 Maintenance Level 6.
So, no access to Visual Forecasting in SAS VIYA.


Do I understand it correctly that you are a student and not an employee of a company that licensed SAS?

How are you using SAS?

Is SAS installed on a server somewhere at your university (on-premise installation)? 
Or are you in a SAS for Learners program? Or are you using SAS For Academics (formerly University Edition)?


[EDIT] OK, I see the title (subject line) now. You are using SAS on Demand.
Let me find out if Forecast Server is available with that offering.






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