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Fluorite | Level 6

Hi All,


Please help me to understand the data flow in SAS FM.

I am a beginer and want to understand from where sasfm pull data and how.




Amethyst | Level 16



as the SAS Usage Note 30771 ( states:

"All available documentation for the SAS Financial Management product is available on the SAS Technical Support page for SAS® Financial Management. Note that this documentation is intended only for use by existing licensed SAS Financial Management customers.

Contact SAS Technical Support if you need security credentials to access any of this documentation."


Here you can find the User's Guide with all the information you might require :

SAS Financial Management 5.5

  • SAS Financial Management 5.5: Formula Guide
  • SAS Financial Management 5.5: User's Guide, Third Edition
  • SAS Financial Management 5.5: Process Administrator's Guide
  • SAS Financial Management 5.5: Data Administrator's Guide
  • SAS Financial Management 5.5: Data Model Reference
  • SAS Financial Management 5.5: Customization Guide
  • SAS Financial Management 5.5: Performance Guide



Fluorite | Level 6


Tourmaline | Level 20

Can you be bit more specific?

FM is a SAS solution, but chances are that each customer have implemented it slightly different, and different part of the solution.

So is there any specific step in the flow your a wondering about? Any part of the documentation that is unclear?

Do you work with a FM deployment now?

Data never sleeps
Fluorite | Level 6
Hi Linush,

Thanks for the reply. I read documentation carefully and did some research on this.
It is clear now.



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