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Fluorite | Level 6
Hi All,

I am trying to create a pdf report in SAS EG.

ods pdf file = "/abc/xyz/sample.pdf" notoc compress=0;
your procedure code;
ods pdf close;

when i run the above code in SAS EG 4.2 in a server environment, I am getting the following warning message in the log.
I am just wondering, if there is a way to avoid this warning message.

WARNING: Unsupported device 'ACTIVEX' for PDF destination. Using device 'ACTXIMG'.

Help will be appreciated.

thanks and regards
This Tech Support note explains that message when it is issued for ODS LISTING:
where it says that:

This warning message is issued because the type of interactivity that is built into the ACTIVEX and JAVA device drivers is incompatible with the LISTING destination.

It is probably safe to assume that the type of interactivity provided with ACTIVEX is also incompatible with the PDF destination -- since the PDF file is supposed to be an image of what would otherwise be sent to a printer -- and there is no interactivity or clicking, changing or rotating on a printer.

If you have SAS/GRAPH code, do you also have a GOPTIONS statement in the SAS/GRAPH code??? If so, you might want to explicitly specify:
[/pre] order to avoid this warning in the future.

Reading the documentation on device-based graphics and the various image formats that are "acceptable" for each destination might be useful: (you will see here that ACTIVEX is not listed for the PDF destination)

Fluorite | Level 6
Hi Cynthia,

Thanks for the Reply and we dont have GRAPH installed in here.
Your solution works fine.
I was googling and found out other solution to remove this warning which is
In SAS EG by going to TOOLS------> OPTIONS--------->Graph. and in the right side panel
under Graph Format, if you select the ActiveX image (SAS V9) from the drop down list,
the warning will go off.
I've used this option and it worked.
But, since we didnt have GRAPH installed, is this change gonna cause any issuses?

Thanks & Regards
You should be OK...the GOPTIONS statement is just populating a "list" of options that are checked when things start up. Either method should prevent the warning message.



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