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Calcite | Level 5


I'm looking to move our reporting to a more automated basis; however, I've got an issue with the VBS / Task Scheduler option.

  • SAS is installed on our laptops, we have to connect via VPN when we WFH so we can't automate "while logged on" with the windows task scheduler.
    • (Obvious suggestion is the permanently on machine at the office, but that has more "political" issues than anything!)

So, I've been looking into the SAS management console option. I can't find an explanation as to whether and EGP can be scheduled.

Firstly, does anyone know if this is possible?

Secondly, if so, any ideas on which component is needed: SAS DATA Step batch Server or SAS Generic Batch Server

At which point I'm hoping it's "easy" to use the schedule manager!

Any help is appreciated!

SAS Employee

Now to your main question, you can schedule an EG project. This must be done via EG.  I would speak to a system admin at your organization to enable the capability of using windows scheduler. That is what EG uses when you are scheduling a project from within EG. If this gets fixed by the system admin, your problem is solved, and you can schedule your jobs via EG.


If you don't have permission from the system admin to allow the windows scheduler from running on your local machine. The only other alternative i see, is you could - use a third-party scheduler or export the entire EG project into a SAS program and schedule that in the Management console as you suggested in your question.


Before doing down that route be sure to contact your SAS administrator for help. He/she will be able to tell you if the MC has been configured to execute jobs in batch from MC. 



Onyx | Level 15

Here's a post I made a while ago, and I still think it's valid.






I recommend you use O/S scheduling (cron, scripts on Linux) capabilities or one of the SAS server-side products to schedule production jobs.


Enterprise Guide is a great tool, but I don't feel it's the best for scheduling production jobs on a remote server, as there are too many moving pieces (your machine, the network, and finally your SAS server). If any of these is having issues, it can interfere with your job executing correctly.


Use EG to develop and test your code, and for exploratory data analysis. Once you have your SAS programs going the way they should be, put them on the server and schedule them there.


If you search this site, you'll find a lot of posts that recommend this, in response to people who are experiencing problems using the EG scheduling facilities.


To schedule EG projects in SMC you first need to export your projects to SAS programs. These can then be scheduled in SMC via Schedule Manager. I suggest you reach out to your SAS administrator regarding the scheduling setup for your SAS installation. 


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