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Hi there,
I use PROC TABULATE in SAS Enterprise Guide to group data as an intermediate step to reach the final result, due to the large number of bytes involved it appears a window telling me that the results are large and could take a long time and a large amount of system resources to add to the project and ask me to press continue in order to proceed. I would like this warning not to show and the code to be processed to the end without my participation, how do I get this?. I would also like the html page not to display as this procedure is a intermediate step I don't need to look at.
Thanks in advance.
Onyx | Level 15
This is something you need to be careful about. SAS will tabulate the data like lightning, but it will take forever to render the results into html if the result set is large. Fortunately, all you need to do is Tools | Options, and on the Results General tab turn off all of the Result Formats tick boxes. I assume you're saving your results to a dataset.

For large problems, PROC TABULATE has a restriction of 2^32 result cells. If you need to exceed this, PROC MEANS has no limits that I've found; I think it's faster than TABULATE as well.
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Thank you TomKari, it worked on the PROC TABULATE but it also disabled the other reports.
Is there anyway to enable and disable the Results Formats inside the code so I can turn it off for the PROC TABULATE and turn it back on for the final reports in the same process ?

Thanks in advance
Community Manager
You can select Results options on a per-task basis.

With the task added to your project, right-click on the task icon in the process flow and select Properties. In the Properties window, select the Results tab, check that you want to override the default settings, and specify the type and style of results that you want.

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Thanks Chris, I will try it that way.



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